I’m Fine

hope is a lie

she maps it on her body

her nails draw

white roads on her red arms

her elastic lashes

red mountains on her white wrists

jesus can you hear me

silence for a moment

the leaves blur

into black rivers

daddy can you save me

stop being ridiculous

you are a drama queen

she collapses on the floor

there is no Father to save me

when my brother slipped

his neck didn’t break

Hollister tweed belt $12.95 clearance rack

your sons blood drips from his veins

but there are no nails in his hands

just red scars around his throat

where was the white light

St Peter never answered his call

no you bastards would never let him in

so you enclosed him in white walls

with white sheets

and white pillow cases

we’re all sinners

when a snake wraps around our neck

and force feeds us apples

but if you just believe

it’s okay

i’m fine







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