what the fuck is money

why we do we assign values to things?
okay – please tell me why gold all sudden became super valuable?
was it because of it’s rarity?
it’s ‘beauty’?

if i assign a value to something – lets say a pair of shoes.
these shoes were designed by some well-known designer.
than they were factory made by underpaid workers in a developing country with some man-made materials…
the by products of which are slowly destroying of our environment.
these shoes are $300 at the department store.
but when they don’t sell are sold to another secondary buyer like marshalls or t.j. maxx or whatever.
now the shoes are $60…
but a few months later these specific shoes are reduced to $30…
merely 10% of their original price.
please tell me why the hell these shoes were $300 in the first place?

i mean we assign a value to these things.
we say this dress or pair of shoes is worth $30.
in economics, they will take this is how long the product took to make, the skills required to make the product, and the materials required to produce the product.
what is $30 usd really?
Thirty virtually worthless pieces of paper produced by the ‘federal’ reserve – which is not a national agency – but a privately owned central bank.
The US hasn’t been on the gold standard since 1933.
So $1 dollar bill was $1 worth of gold in the bank.
But even than who the fuck decides what $1 worth of gold is anyway?
So $30 will buy you goods and services, but seriously this system only supports itself you see.

Most of us don’t even use cash, we use credit cards and debit cards and bank accounts, which is all just a trade of numbers in a computer somewhere.
Damn would I like some hacking skills.
30 – a representation of thirty of something.
3-0. a numerical representation of thirty worthless nothings in the bank.

But you know people will tell you.
Emma, You Need Money to Live?
Hmm okay I don’t think so.
I mean when they start taxing the air get back to me please.
But I guess, we have to pay for the ground we live on, the food we eat, the water we drink.
We are even required to falsify a Paper Version of ourselves (a birth certificate) so our government can keep tabs on you.
So they say, well you need to live on this land.
To live on this land, you need money.
To have money, you must have a job.
To have a job, you must have skills.
To have skills, you must go to school.
If you don’t go to school, you are uneducated and you will work hours at a job you hate like dishwashing.
How is dishwashing different than mind-numbing office work though?

It’s like when the Narrator in Fight Club is obsessed with his condo.
“I loved every stick of furniture in that condo. That condo was my life. That condo was me!”
You see how we associate these material things will ourselves?
When we ourselves, the observers are non-material?

Imagine if in dreams, we were taxed as well. We were told to work countless hours, just to be able to ‘enjoy’ the dream? Does that make sense?
But I guess if the alternative is a nightmarish dream – maybe we would.
But is a life without money nightmarish – or is that just what we believe?

Is like yeah I was to be comfortable.
Where does comfortable stop?
When will you feel satisfied?
I don’t think you ever will.
You’ll never have enough time.
Enough people telling you are the best.
They are all illusions.

YOU are still trapped in the condo. Encaged in the cubicle. Shackled to the student loan debt.

No this is not a hippie post.
I’m not saying love is the answer.
I’m saying the market is own invention.
It doesn’t exist in nature.
It’s created by humans which is why its all confusion.
And why it’s snowballing into even
a bigger ball of confusion.


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