sexual desirability subreddit

how to write article drunk

okay all you pussies.

get drunk for a reason.

yes this is the real world.

and in the real world.

you have to put periods at the end. of your sentences

like a fucking real lady

no fucking around here.


make it a good reason.

maybe your boyfriend you dated for two seconds broke up with you

over some enigmatic reason

maybe he left for you that awkward asian at work with all those tattoos.

which you hope to hell is less attractive to you

because for some reason that makes you feel better

because the more men that desire you sexually

the higher your self worth is

but then again is your self worth was put on a reddit page

like if you sexually desirability was a subreddit

than it would not necessarily be downvoted a bunch of times

but maybe it wouldn’t be upvoted as many times as like

angelina jolie

or like a vs model

so like your like fucked

even if you get fucked a lot

so does a prostitute

and you get a lot of attention

i mean so does a hobo wearing a banana suit

but i mean what does this sexual attention get you

besides more sex

goddam it

where does the sex even get you

i dont get it

im done


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